Our memories are mental pictures of the past
Mirrors reflectin’ the lives we’ve lived

When we gaze upon them
We relieve the feelin’s in that moment

What are happy memories
Than they please us?
What are sad memories
If they do not distress us?

Our fondest memories of a thin’ or person
Has been how they made us feel

When all is said and done
Memories are what we leave behind.



Sometimes you never want to sleep, not because your reality is finally better than your dreams, but rather because it’s much safer than your dreams.

Let’s Make Love

Sugar plum

Let’s Have sex
Let’s Make love like the moon and night
Bare Open our imperfections
Sacrificin’ Our bodies on the altar of our souls

Let Me suck those supple breasts
Like An Infant to his milk
Spread Your sexy legs
Let Me lick;
Like It’s a cone of ice-cream

Come Ride over me
Like A Criminal in pursuit
Watch Me groan; I’ll watch You twitch
Let’s Burst into an ecstasy of screams

Close Our eyes and be buried in the comfort of our arms…


I met a girl I used to love.
A past lover, a cool flame, an impeccable beauty.
The every emotions of love where no longer there,
but still every part of me wanted her.
Something in me was feebly drawn to her like pins to a magnet.
I stood there and wondered if it was the same with her.
If it was the same with every other past lovers.

I think it has to be.
When we love someone so dearly,
and believe we no longer do,
a part of us forever remains with them.

It was this part that was yearning to become whole again.


What is this thin’ we call love?
Nothin’ but a fragment of our illusions
Wrapped in a thistle of wanton desires
@ the end love equals annihilation
For whatever is worth lovin’ is worth losin’
We only learn to love what we have
Then lose what we have
Love equals dissipation
To love is to lose…


Yo! its’s a mad world out here
an asylum littered wit psychopaths
da insane call us insane
lemme roll dis paper
and kush on muh dank
dey say it’s against da law
it’s just a freakin’ herb!
how dat against da law?
Yo! Leave me be
roll muh dank and unwind
get so high till I be outta space
Don’t get locked down
escape dis prison of reality
get so high till ur spiritual