Second Chances

“I mean we all need a second chance sometimes” – Joel Osteen.

Broken skies. Painted lies. Hardened mind. Tearful eyes. I am a prisoner in my world, controlled by emotions that are base, lost in mirages of temptations, driven by wild pleasures.
I do the things I swore not to do. I fall back on the promises I make, I cheat on the love I owned and ignore the friends I know. Shatter the hopes placed on me, harm those who cared for me. I have made mistakes I know were mistakes, do things I know shouldn’t be done. And maybe I don’t deserve second chances, I still get it anyways. Maybe luck would run dry on me and life wouldn’t give me another tomorrow, I still get it anyways. My whole life is now a platform of second chances and this time, for once I plan on making things better.

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