“Life goes on within you and without you” – The Beatles.

Clock ticking. Days going. Months fade. Years run dry. Time flies. People come, people leave. Get broke, get rich. Love. Hate. Passion. Heartbreaks, heartleaps. Joy. Sorrow. Depression. Believe, believe not. Religion, science, art. One thing remains constant, life never ends… and neither do death.
There is no particular rhyme or reason why some things work out and some don’t. No definite explanations why some things go wrong and some happen right. There are no concrete reasons for anything that happens or might happen…but the fact remains that life goes on and that alone is interesting.
Your emotions will fade and moments will fall away. You’ll probably run insane trying to find your way. Remember life goes on with or without you…so live while you’ve still got the chance. The time is now. There are no past regrets or future ambitions were you exist. Close your eyes, listen to the winds, feel the air beat upon your skin, cry, smile, laugh, love, loathe, do what you wanna do, be who you want to be, savor the moment, live for now. There are no yesterday’s, no tomorrow’s because the truth is they never remain, they never come.
The only moment you’ve got is N.O.W, you might as well live it.

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