Ma Lady

It’s getting lonely. It’s really getting desolate here. I often find myself thinkin’ about the debates, the shouts and the laughter’s, all of yours, most of them now vanishing off.
And it’s crazy here without you. I used to think we’d always be together, days when we held hands and never want to let go, nights when we stare to the stars and make wishes. I thought we’d always be together.
Now somehow I rule the world with my words and charm. But most days I never think of anything but you. I miss you so much.
I’ll paint your face with the most vibrant colors, I’ll sing about you in lyrics, I’ll write about you in the most simplest words.
I lost everything when I lost your heart. I wait for you to turn to me again, but you never see me. I fade in the dark, your kisses deflating away from my memories. You touched my heart, you touched my soul.
What have I done? There’s no one here to keep me warm. How can I live without you?
I close my eyes and wish upon the stars that you’d come back. These wishes never came true, so I’m just gonna set all my regrets on fire and move on. Hopin’ the winds might blow you to my side.

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