Lurid thoughts. Vivid imaginations. Sarcastic appeal. Tragic intentions.

A glimpse into my mind and you’d be shocked what you see. Only you can’t even see into my mind, for it is a bit rusty and dark.

I think of abducting a lady who smiled to me on the bus. I want to take her up into my room, tear open her heart and look how fast it beats. I want to taste the blood that flows out of her, feel the warmth quench my thirst.

I think of thrusting a dagger right into the heart of the man who greeted me this morning. I want to see his soul depart from him, stare straight into his eyes and watch how he transcends between worlds.

I have a longing to possess the baby whose laughter echoed from behind her mothers back, disrupting the thoughts I entertained. I thought of hanging her neck and watch how it cracks…

My mind doesn’t dwell in darkness. It is
the dark. So don’t pry into what you’re not ready to see.

Don’t ask me questions if you’re going to be afraid of the answers. Don’t ask me to be myself, then despise me.

Only if you knew how much hate I am capable of; you’d appreciate the little love I show you.

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