Ordinary Life

The ordinary life bores me, I am tired of it. I want drama, I want ecstasy, I want action. I am tired of waiting for things to happen to me; the benchwarmer that something has to push before moving. To hell, to hell with inertia! I want to get up and happen to things, can’t wait anymore for luck. I will create mine. I want to live only for adventure. I want to break myself, see parts of me. I want to hear melodious screams, see places, meet new faces, brush against bodies. I Can’t wait any longer for the gal of my dreams to sweep me off my feet, I will find her and blow her of her stamina. Chat with ladies that jolts within me a paroxysm of fierce desires. Make acquaintances with men that give me sporadic levels of tempestuous excitement. I want to skip. Jump. Dance. I want words. I want addiction. I want to know the minds of people, to be intimate with them. I want to beat life and be wounded by it…

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