Aqua-scorpio Love

Passions. Emotions. Affections.
She completes me, in a manner the heart completes the human anatomy.

Frenzy. Ecstasy. Misery.
She jolts within me a paroxsym of lust: so high my soul simmer like fishes boiled in pepper.

Lasiviciousness. Licentiousness. Salaciousness.
All I want is to be possessed by her, craved, desired. I want to walk into the deep of her psych, where she laid her secrets, where her every wanton emotion hid contained, where her fears are, where the past failures mingle with future hopes; I want to walk in there and know everything.

Serenity. Tranquility. Placidity.
I want to offer her what no one else could ever hope to do. I don’t hope to be the knight in shining armor. I want to be that lad, who watches her, in whose company she remains unscathed, sustains her wholeness, attains perfection.

Yearning. Liking. Hankering.
She’s a Scorpio and I an Aquarius; the universe never fated our match. And so therefore by falling in love, we thwart the universe.

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