This is only my genesis of who I am

This is only my genesis of who I am

I’m dark, evil, and shameful.
I studied failures until I lost sight of success.
I disassociate myself from my emotions and numbed myself to the pain ravaging my body
and mind.
I’m a beatified prisoner.
I’m intoxicated by hate.
I am possessed by the noon sun
My once gentle skin is now blood stained
My eyes were once gems now they are full of darkness.
My mouth was once pure now its deceiving.
I am a failed descendant to the pure.
I’m a gold to the beasts
This is only my genesis of who I am
I’m Possessed by a Fringe demon.
My life came in crosses and spectacles.
My Hugs and greetings melt sentences.
I Stretched my arms injected with word pistol paintings to best described why words rumble in my stomach, in beat-box none stop.
I speak the language of anger and diamon promises.
My soul danced and strangled peace in pieces
For it holds the beauty of promises while sucking souls.
I suck in the vortex to speak in parables for I’m sluggish, frenzied like madness.
I cite sins of my past life, riddling its effect in my heart.
I trap words in homeless tongues
In darkness I speak lightening
I pledge to coup darkness and create something without creation .
My face is scared with dirty facial expression
Expressing the sound of tears orchestrated by feelings.
My voice unleashed words incorporating a volcano for my voiceless words are mere ogre.
I am timeless in depth, stenched in reality, lost in eon for the lies of the world is my sloth.
I am struck by a graceful sense of hell and in any nature, the calmness of the sea and the patience of space resembles a supernatural culture I possess.

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