I am The Future

Welcome to the future. I am the now, eclipsing in the shades of the greater unknown. I am the birth of a new era, silhouetting my trepidations of grotesque personality in the frames of a superman. I am the air that flows in your lungs, the sepulchral daisies of beatific flowers swept by the incoming rage of the north wind. To fully capture me, you’d have to dissect me. Tear blades into my thoracic, boreholes into my heart, taste my blood, masturbate my mind, salvage my soul. I am the tomorrow, lighting years of intrinsic advancements into a totally impractical world. I am the savior. The man. The child. The woman. The beast. I am the prophesied prophet. The man who’s to destroy all men, in order to save them. The one headed monster, the seven headed deliverer. My voice is the murmur of the sea, my laughter the cackle of the wind, my anger the roar of a lion, and my walk the rhythm of an Iroko tree steadfast in the violence of the storm. I am truth. I am light. I am darkness. I am beauty. The truth resides in my blood, Light originates from my soul, Dark is my skin and Beauty I have entwined. I am the past, the present and the future. Oh yes! I am eternal. Death is my mirage, my preposterous laughter. Welcome to the future. Sip eternally from the spring of the mountain, flowing eternally, growing eternally, singing eternally – welcome to the future!


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