People don’t know the life I live, they can’t see how I live. It’s like there’s this rope hanging round about my neck that am always cautious of. If I run to fast I’ll get snapped, and if I run to slow the weight of the rope will eventually choke me. I’m expected to be this person and that person, everyone is weighing in on me not to fail them… I’ve got family, I’ve got friends, I’ve got enemies. And somehow still I’ve got those people who are constantly in competition with me, even when I’m not playing. I’m not saying the world is unfair to me, no! All I’m saying is the life I live is probably the most nauseating experience anyone could go through, feeling everything at once and knowing there’s little you could do about it. Seeing the danger and having no choice but to walk straight into it, having no clue where the safety net is and so therefore crawling all about in-between fences, hoping they don’t crumble. Although there’s this still voice telling you that all will be okay, still yet the roaring mocking laughter of defeat taunts you to your face and that moment all you wish for is for the world to vanish away or much rather for you to vanish away.


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