She’s black. Exquisite beauty. Her innocent eyes look like they hold behind them secrets. Secrets you’re never quite sure if you want to know or not know. Her lips bend in the most quirky styles. She smiles and you can’t help but smile too. She light fires inside you. Flames all over. Burning hot. And she doesn’t even realize that she’d been. One look at her and you are hooked. She makes the mundane a marvel. The ordinary an introspective of extraordinary moments. Her laughter is pure delight to the soul. With her time remains frozen. A minute that refuses to die after 60 seconds. Call her wonderful girl. Call her pretty girl. You’re still short of describing her. She’s the Girl Almighty. Raise your glasses in toast of her. You don’t understand. She sets men on fire. She blazes women out of her way. She’s all one could ever want. Impossible to get over from. She’s like a drug. You’ve become addicted to. She says hey. And everything else fades away. The moon breaks through her head. The stars light up in her eyes. The sun glows from her skin. Everything you ever dreamed of concludes with her. She stares at you. You become a loaded gun. No control. Emotions spilling off. Lost senses. You wish to devour her. Tear her heart open. But still she remains unmoved. She’s a puzzle inside a mystery wrapped with an enigma. She gets what she wants. There’s this devil locked within her smile. Gaining speed each time you try to run. She laughs. She talks. She walks. You’re speechless. Not even knowing why. Or how. But one thing remains certain. She never stops to amaze. She lures. Like a bitten apple. She’s a bundle of temptations. Nature’s finest piece. Irresistible. Indomitable. Refined…


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