Our lives are filled with challenges_
Laced with series of battles_
And more times than not_
We get defeated_
We get beated_
And there are the scars_
Left behind from our wars_
Then comes moments_
When we think we are alone_
That no one would comprehend our pain_
We smile_ we laugh_
But its all fake_ very shallow_
Our days become dark_
Monsters lurking in the light_
We wish to die_
Or maybe just vanish_
But then by some miracle_
The pain resides_
We can smile again_ laugh again_
Our lives getting somewhat in shape_
We are happy_
And no one would understand this joy_
Because only we can_
Just yesterday you wanted so much to be dead_
And now_today_you’re so alive_
Every breath taste like wine_
And that’s the thing_
Our lives may be fucked up_
Our days might get darker_
We may have no clue what to do next_
Or who to be with_trust_talk to_
We still manage to wake up_
Every morning_ and live our lives_
Like its the best thing that ever happened to us_
Mind you_ its not_
But still_we’ve got to live_
Because what kills us is not what stop the beats of our heart_
But what prevent us from living_



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