his name was Tunde Parker April

he feel into the love pool
and thus instantly became a fool,
he had lost his senses and brains
but his heart remains.
emotions played on strings;
strings which later stings.
forever and ever,
became never and bitter.
always and promises,
turned out in damages.
candle nights
and bunch of rose petals,
became lonely nights
with shambles of love letters.
he lost weight
and amassed needless pain,
yet he wouldn’t wait
when he saw the bloody pool, to fall in it again.
so all he went through before, tripled.
but still, he kept falling and falling in all sighted pools, till his legs crippled.
everyone thought he had learned a lesson,
that he would give up, be alone and brighten.
instead he decided to crawl,
said he couldn’t help it not answering love’s call.
then one day unable to withstand the pain any longer,
his chest chamber
choked up his heart
he died with a smelly fart (out of his ass)
while I was sad
other people were glad
to me I felt he was a hero who died for what he believed in
to others he was a fool who died like Samson, Romeo, Valentine.
women are so prudent they won’t die for love,
they’d rather die for their shoe.
he died and was buried
on his tomb, his name read

Tunde Parker April Fool.


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