i don’t know what true love is
i’ve never made an attempt to
but each time i hear your laughter
coursin’ through the speakers of my phone
i almost catch it then, understand its core
i don’t know what true.love entails
but maybe its the moments i stare
@ my phone expectin’ your call, your message
and when i see your name on the screen
callin’ my whole body gets inflamed with desire
maybe true love is thinkin’ about you
every mornin’ i’m awake and every night as i go to bed
or maybe its those moments when i longed
to be @ your side, to have you in my arms
maybe true love is watchin’ you smile
walkin’ beside you arm in arm
kissin’ your tender lips
i can’t explain what true.love is
but maybe its our acceptability
of each other, all we are, all we’d be.


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