It was beauty the sight I beheld
It was beauty I stared @ in the dimly lit room
Where she and I was alone away from the world
Conscious of only ourselves
Her dark olive skin presented itself
The symmetry of her body awed me
Her neck, her breast, her legs…
And her behind
Her behind had a particular effect on my mind
I wanted standin’ up to seize her, hold her
Like she hadn’t been @ my side all night
I wanted to feel the bossom of her breast, the nipples trickle on my chest
I wanted to cusp her butt, hold her cheeks
Gosh I wanted to trace every single inch of her with my hands
Like a blind man tryin’ to memorize a object
I wanted to memorize her then & there
She turned and smiled almost like she sensed all I felt
I let her off knowin’ there would be another time


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