I’m a sexual bein’.

For me to enjoy sex with a person, I need to be mentally and emotionally in sync with him or her.

To me sex is not just sex, sex is as much what goes on in my mind and my soul than how my body reacts.

And because there are few (gettin’ fewer) of such persons I click with, I end up havin’ to sex alone;

with myself…


10 thoughts on “SEXUAL BEIN’

  1. JoeBlogs says:

    I’d also need a decent connection to be able to take things up to that notch. That said, I have intimacy issues so I suppose it’s a given. I just feel like it’s a personal, private thing to share and don’t fancy boning some random stranger. Of course there’s that small part of me that maybe wishes I were such a man, but maybe this way isn’t so bad.

    • abrahamdiceyjones says:

      Yea Joe… I’ve got same ish, sometimes thou a part of me also wish I was the kinda man who fancies bonin’ just anyone. I can’t just do so_ thanks for sharin’ ur views with me @least I know I’m not the only person with prerequisites for sex 🙂

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