Move On.
Two words, and that should have been all to it.
Two words, but it ain’t.
When we lost, be it something or someone dear to us, a beautiful wristwatch, a friend, a lover, our house, our job, our relationships, the two words that’s to serve as a compensation, a motivation for our losses are this words;
And yes we almost do, we do. We move on, trying to pretend all that has happened was behind us, the past was in the past and there could be nothing we could do anyway.
We move on, but with the nagging realization eatin’ in the darker parts of us that what we have could never make up for what we’d lost…


2 thoughts on “MOVE.ON.

  1. Sabiscuit says:

    Some pain can never go away, like the passing of a family member or friend but the key is, where possible, to make peace with a loss and accept change in a positive spirit. Hard to do but the less negative emotion we offer these things, the faster we can recover.

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