Becoz 0f U

i am restless
i can’t sleep
images of you fill my mind
soundtracks of your voice
continually blare in my head
i can’t sit; i can’t lay
my very bed has become
irritable to my skin
and even when i try to eat
food taste like sand in my mouth
its all because of you
i find myself a junkie and that my fix is you
its been just a day without you;
without hearin’ 4rm you
and i can barely function
imagine a week, a month, a year, ten years
imagine a lifetime!
i woulda become a piece of crap in a junk of craps
that other craps call “crap”
my life has got a meanin’ because of you
you’re my sunshine, my moonlight, my star
i am a junkie and you’re my fix…


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