My roommate says I’ll go to hell
He attends evenin’ programs; I do not
Instead I’m layin’ on my bed havin’ stupid thoughts
My roommate calls me a sinner
He reads his bible; I do not
Instead I’m readin’ stupid books
My roommate says I better beg God
for forgiveness and quit the life I’m livin’
But what life I’m I actually livin’?
God should be the one beggin’ for my forgiveness
I didn’t ask to be here
The thoughts I have is for the world He made
What hell is there again than the one I live in?
I wonder if he has seen the world lately
Really what hell is there again?
My roommate held my hands to pray
He says I should close my eyes like he did his
My roommate said AMEN
and with a conviction he has saved me from goin’ to hell
But what hell is there again?!
I said amen…


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