LUST [+16]

I believe in love
just like I love your eyes
and your mind
and how you talk,
and how you think
and how you call me baby;
But I feel its lust
that truly consumes me
how I lust for your dark flesh,
the symmetry that is your body
Pull off your shirt
I want to
cusp your breasts in my palms
squeeze them softly
jiggle them
squeeze them hard
I want to play with the nipples
Dribble it inside my mouth
Lick it
Bite it
Suck it
Pull off your trousers
I want to
push your white panties aside
and let in three of my fingers into you
to feel the warmth of your swellin’ wetness
To stroke within you
I want to go down below you
lick you up slowly with my tongue
and place your clit in between my teeth
I want to hear you moan
hear you cry as your body convulses
I want to
watch how your bum constrict
and your legs shake
I want to fuck you
put my hardness into your softness
and push deep inside you
ride you slowly
then fast
then hard
then slow over again
hittin’ you in the right spots
Until you cum
I want to
feel your fingers tear deep into my flesh
I want to hear you shout my name
and I want to see the delight on your face after we done
To hear you laugh
And kiss you


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