I wanna run my
hands in your hair
I wanna trace
the outlines of your face

If I were to choose between
Tomorrow and You
It’s You _
Will be You every time

You are my tomorrow_
You are every hour that ticks by
The micro seconds contained
– in the twinkle of my eyes
You’re the breath passin’
– through my nostrils

So of what use
would tomorrow be without
You ?

Come !
Come into my
hands Teddy bun
I wanna stay glued to You
Until our bodies become each other
And our hearts beat as one

I am brimmin’ with a
passion that has become torture
Torture for every time
that passes by without
You yet in my arms

Oooh gawd ! I want You
I want You in ways I can’t explain
I can’t comprehend why it is so
The tenacity of this desire

All I know and all I feel
Is a desire that has grown to possess me
Consumin’ me like a
Wild fire in a forest of bushes

I plead come
C0oMmEe !
For the strength
To remain sane eludes me

Tick tock. Tick tock.. Tick Tock…

Come before I erupt
like a volcanic mountain
of heated ash

– come I plea….


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