The other day
@ the bus station
I met this gal
She looked like the
kinda gal I could date

She was dark
Not the kinda dark that
bordered @ black
She was chocolate dark
Darkish-Brown; shiny

She had a gigantic butt
Perfect the pair of it
In unison like placin’ two
Question Marks facin’ each other

I walked to her
Said “Hi”, She said “Hey”
@ first one could decipher she was lost
As if not knowin’ where she was
And not knowin’ how
to get to where she wants

I bothered to ask where she was goin’
And she begun to chatter
I was right
She had lost her way and her purse
No money, no iPhone
No means of gettin’ where she wants

I knew this was my chance to score big
Then I said “Excuse me”
She answered “Ok”

To a corner I went
To call Malik
Flickin’ thru my contacts
Ahmed, Ayad, Cent, Duff, Fat, Favor, Gabe, Hannah, Justin, Lillian, MALIK

That name I dial
Cring, cring, cring,
Cring, cring, cring,
No answer

I concluded Malik was sleepin’
For no other reason would he not pick
– But where do I get a car to take her
The cash I have wouldn’t do us both

So I placed my cell back in my pocket
And I return to the station
To that bootylicious gal
But what do I find?
She not there

My eyes traveled fast
In a car they found her
With the Politician Guy

Apparently I had been long
Tryin’ to reach a dozin’ Malik
And in my absence
The guy had made a proposal
And she had said yes

If he took her everywhere she wants
She would simply grace
His bed that night

She caught my eyes
And soon approached me
Then said she’s gotten a ride
And hoped we meet again someday

I said I hope so too
And wished her luck
And she thanked me

The guy pulled the car toward us
She got in
waved her hands
And he sped off

In a way
He had removed a burden
As I couldn’t possibly
Keep her any longer
Since Malik didn’t answer
And I couldn’t spare my last money

All in all
I’m Ok with the whole thin’
As a writer
I forever keep watch
for such encounters

Because without experiences
A writer writes stuffs that are borin’

Though I may miss
The final insertion
Still yet I am able to imagine
The whole process
And derive Orgasm

I am satisfied.


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