Who am I? I am the thousand faces of hunger silhouetted in the mask of smiles and laughter. I am the 276 girls stolen @ the hour of night from their hotels. I am their tears. I am their fears. I am their hope. I’m the broken hearts of the families left behind. I am the hundreds of lives blown into shreds of flesh while there’s a feast @ the rock. I am the victims of religious intolerance. I am the stabbed. The wounded. The lifeless. Oh, I am the frail teenage boy locked in chains and dumped in a solitary room for days on to face the horror of my crime. What crime? I stole a piece of meat off my step mother’s pot. I am the 8 year old raped by her uncle. I am the breathless 12 year old girl hawkin’ (pure) water to go to school, but was lured to a corner and raped by five men. I am that sickness you feel @ the base of your insides as you read this. I’m the pain. I’m the anger. And one day I’ll blow out. Consumin’ everythin’ and everyone in my path. I am the avenger.


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