We are the moments that will last forever. You happened in my life and brought me hope. The hope that I may after all live on to see the next day. And now it’s been a compilation of next days cumulatin’ to give a year. In all these days I sleep every night and awake every mornin’ livin’ for you, knowin’ in-between these days that I possibly can’t last long without you somewhere still in my life, and so I swore to make you happy. You are my happiness, my life, it’s fair I do all I can, whatever I can to make you happy. All I am and all I’ll ever be is yours, I push myself, task myself to be that best for you, to give you the best. Now, I may have faltered in the past to do this, and maybe in someway I’m yet to be IT, but I promise someday soon whether we end up together or not, I’ll make you the happiest woman alive. Goodnight…


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