When I heard your voice
I got remembered of the first time
You blabbed behind me
When I saw your face
Same excitement leaped in my heart
As the first time I saw you laughin’
Now that you’ve left
Walkin’ away once again
I feel all the pain of never havin’ you as mine
Boulder on my soul…


I’ve Learnt;

– to find comfort in my tears
and to confront my fears

– that Love could be true
and it still wouldn’t last

– to leave behind the past
and quit bein’ blue

– we won’t always get what we want
even after all we’ve tried

– to doubt the promises people make
they’re in a habit of lies

– that so long as there’s life
there will be strife

– that happiness is a phase
and so is pain
both continuously switch place(s)

– that everyone of us will die
so I intend to make mine



First it’s adoration
It grows with laughter|happiness
Then comes pain
Crumblin’ with sadness
But what kills it off
Is shame; To be ashamed
Of who once made you happy
This is the end…

Love? An Illusion!

We found love
Or what seems to be it
Grappled onto it tightly
Still it dissolved out of our hands…

Never create false hopes
When you’re certain there are none

How far can you go for love?
Only as far as it’s convenient

What is love…
But an illusion that toys with the minds of men?

At the end we may say we’ve loved
But we know it was only at convenience

You call it love
But it’s an apparition

I found love; I found a myth

We loved hard; We loved for nothin’

The only love that borders on existence
Is the love for self

How far can you go for love?
Never as far as it takes
For love is a Myth
Devoid of Mortal men.


I paint the sleaziest and morally debased pictures

I draw women exposed in their

feminine sexuality

I write words that are bad

words you’ll call evil;

words that would choke your heart

I’m an artist, and I’m a destroyer

I destroy the order of societal

norms and cultures

To hell with them all…

Her Curves

Even in a floppy dress
Her curves are well defined
The moment She pulls off Her clothes
Barin’ Her dark skin before your eyes
You burst open with a load of passion
One you’d never thought existed in you
It’s Lust boilin’ with Love
Awe and respect tethered on hunger
You can’t wait to have Her
Yet the more of Her you have
The more of Her you want
Insatiable urge. Irresistible temptation.

NIGHT: Prelude_

One Night
I heard a knock on the window
A light breeze brushed in on
my face
And my hair bristled with fright
There was someone standin’ there
A figure lookin’ straight @ me
I stared back until I could make out what it was
It was me; maggots crawlin’ on my face
My voice out of the silence spoke
“It is time.”


they say Black is Sin
and maybe they’re right
cause the Black Woman
is the temptation you can’t resist
in Her eyes is the lust that pulls you in
Her quirky smile will ruin your heart
Her body is a compilation of wonders
unfoldin’ piece after piece
Her breasts is the bundle of warmth
that has nurtured cooin’ babies and grown men
Her bum is the symmetry of perfection
and between Her legs is the gateway to life
the abode of pleasures, saturated satisfaction
no one would see the pink meat and not eat
not me; not you; not anyone; can resist
She’s a fountain of enlightenment
the more of Her you know the more of Her you want
Delve into Her mind, delve into Her soul
Bask in the glory of all She is…

#PhotoCredit_ PreciousAmarachiUgo_


We are the moments that will last forever. You happened in my life and brought me hope. The hope that I may after all live on to see the next day. And now it’s been a compilation of next days cumulatin’ to give a year. In all these days I sleep every night and awake every mornin’ livin’ for you, knowin’ in-between these days that I possibly can’t last long without you somewhere still in my life, and so I swore to make you happy. You are my happiness, my life, it’s fair I do all I can, whatever I can to make you happy. All I am and all I’ll ever be is yours, I push myself, task myself to be that best for you, to give you the best. Now, I may have faltered in the past to do this, and maybe in someway I’m yet to be IT, but I promise someday soon whether we end up together or not, I’ll make you the happiest woman alive. Goodnight…