I don’t write often
as I would want
I don’t read as
much as I used to
I feel like a ghost
I’m restless
All this obligations
Weigh on me
I’m sunken wool


I am lost
Lost in my sadness
I am mad
Mad at me
At my folly
My confusion
My nonchalance
I am mad at my mistakes
The ones that reoccur
I hate my fears
I’m fighting to be strong
To conceal my fears
Fighting wounds me_
I am bleeding
‘Not fighting’ eats up the better part
of me.
What am I to do?

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I am not the
resurrection nor the life
I am the voice of rebellion
an army of the oppressed
marchin’ onto redemption
Kill me today
I won’t rise on the third day
I rise with every new cry echoed
from unjust corners of the world
Death can’t hold me back!
I come to break the law
for the law is fouled!
I come to shatter it
I do not promise the abundant life
I come to make a just life.
I’ll shed my blood for this cause
There’s no paradise I go to prepare
other than this one I struggle for
Here is our paradise
Structured into hell…

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Spread your legs wide
I want to bury my face in between your thighs
Eat your pussy
Fill my mouth wif your beautiful cunt
Take your swollen clit between my teeth
Tongue fuck you_
Until your bum convulses
Until your juices explode
and run down my chin
Spread those pink lips
I want to fill your hole wif my dick
I want to fuck you
I want to FUCK you !
Sit on me
Your cunt on my hood
Ride me fast
Ride me slow
Cum on my dick
Ride me until I can no longer hold but scream
Cuddle me


Every time we liberate a woman, we liberate a man.
~Margaret Mead

Man was a loyal puppet
Do not eat of the tree of knowledge, ok?
Yea sire!
Then God unknowingly made a more volatile specie
Havin’ no need to give her any warnin’
She should be as dumb as man or even dumber, yea!
You know what happened next?
Sure you do
Woman liberated man.


What is it about skin color ?
What is it about the black skin color ?
That attracts so much hatred
We are all souls contained in a vessel
Some with a little more melanin
What is it about humans and all this barbaric acts ?
What is the ego that has crippled us ?
A slight difference of
Gender; Religion
Race; Sexuality
And the other person is a waste that’s lesser than you are?
What is it? Really what is it ?
When the fuck will all this shit end ?



The words in my head,
What keeps me scribbling
In the late hours of the night,
What keeps my expectant attention on my cell.
The thing that has me smiling
On the corners of my lips
All day long.
Even in my world of beautiful pictures,
The thing that increases the pressure of my heart’s pumping.
My words,
My guardian,
My angel,
My muse.
If distance never existed,
You’ll be my bed,
My book,
My TV,
My everything,
My always.


It’s today and
I’m still alive

When last night
I’d seen myself die

It’s today
I’ll live

Wait till tomorrow

Maybe then I shall have
The courage to kill myself.


“The one good thing about not
seeing you is that I can write you
-Svetlana Alliluyeva

She calls my name
And its like only she has ever got it right
Her laughter is so pure so sincere
I feel it achin’ my ligaments
She had become my little world
My own personal universe
I feel like I’ve known her all my life
Even before I was born…